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Cash for Clunkers Program Kicks Off Today

The US Federal Cash For Clunkers programs officially gets underway today. It will be interesting to see how this effects the economy will probably see a rise in new car purchases, and increased manufacturing as well as better gas mileage. Either way if your looking to trade out your car now looks like a good time to do just that.

"The CAR Allowance Rebate System (CARS) is a $1 billion government program that helps consumers buy or lease a more environmentally-friendly vehicle from a participating dealer when they trade in a less fuel-efficient car or truck. The program is designed to energize the economy; boost auto sales and put safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the nation's roadways.

Consumers will be able to take advantage of this program and receive a $3,500 or $4,500 discount from the car dealer when they trade in their old vehicle and purchase or lease a new one. " via

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