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Caylee's Grandfather Hospitalized

George Anthony, the grandfather of murdered child Caylee Anthony, has been admitted to hospital to be evaluated. Last week, he indicated to his family that he wanted to take his own life. Anthony's family members found a five-page suicide note that he had written.

Anthony was reported missing on Thursday after failing to keep an appointment with his attorney. Authorities were able to find him by tracing text messages that he had sent from his cell phone. Police found George Anthony at a motel in Daytona Beach on Friday morning.

Since Anthony was involuntarily hospitalized, he must be released from hospital within 72 hours of having his condition stabilized. Doctors can decide to keep him longer if they determine that he is not ready to go home.

Caylee was missing for months before her remains were discovered last December. Anthony's wife, Cindy, has said that her husband may have gone over the edge after choosing jewelry for the little girl's funeral.

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