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'Censored' Episode of 'Family Guy' Available on DVD

The censored episode of "Family Guy" will soon be available on DVD for sale. "Partial Terms of Endearment," a never-seen episode of the racy animated series, will be available for sale on DVD for $14.98 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Sept. 28.

The censored episode will be released after a year since Fox network deemed it outrageous even by "Family Guy" standards and pulled it from last season's slate of episodes.

The episode, which has gained a "banned-in-Boston" fame, revolves around the smoronuc Peter Griffin and libertine wife, Lois, having a debate on abortion. Lois decides to become the surrogate mother for a friend who cannot have a baby, but her friend and husband die in a car crash. The Griffins are then left with the decision of whether to continue with the pregnancy or not.

Read more about the show here.

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