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Cesar Ulloa Faces Life Sentence for Abusing Calabasas Nursing Home Residents

Cesar Ulloa faces a life sentence for abusing Calabasas nursing home residents. Ulloa, a twenty one year old will spend the better part of his life in jail if he is convicted of the seven counts of elder abuse and one count of torture. Witnesses accuse Ulloa of body slamming a 78 year old resident after jumping on her chest, encouraged wheelchair bound residents to fight, jumped from a dresser to an elderly man's stomach, punch another elderly resident in the belly, and often laughed off his behavior with sarcastic cruelty. Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Robin Allen said that Ulloa "attacked the most vulnerable people you can possibly find. He hit them and he laughed. This was sport."

Prosecution witnesses maintained that residents of the Silverado Senior Living Facility which employed Ulloa could not report the abuse because of dementia, illness, and age related health issues. After resident Elmore Kittower died in 2007, Ulloa was reportedly "under suspicion" from his co-workers and management. Adelina Campos, a co-worker who was "shocked" by Ulla's leap from the top of a dresser to the midsection of a male resident, had her mother give Kittower's widow a call to warn that Kittower had been "beaten to death." After exhuming Kittower's grave, an autopsy revealed that a "blunt force trauma" and several broken bones maintain the Campos families' claim.

Ulloa has been in policy custody since 2008 though he was fired from Silverado for reasons unrelated to his trial. Silverado claims no responsibility in the case against Ulloa despite claims that staff is undertrained and underpaid despite the residents cost of living of over $70,000 dollars per year.

Ulloa's defense attorney, Daniel Teola, insists that coworkers envied Ulloa and the allegations are false. Teola also maintains that because the home does not "restrain or sedate patients," "combative residents are more prone to injury." Ulloa has been in prison since 2008.

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