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Charges Dropped Against the Black Harvard Scholar, Henry Louis Gates

After the shocking arrest of Henry Louis Gates, a Harvard University Professor on the charges of disorderly conduct and behavior, the Cambridge police dropped the charges on Tuesday calling the incident unfortunate and regrettable.

Gates was arrested during a burglary investigation by the police at his own house. Gates himself had called the police when he suspected break-in at his house. However, later he was arrested by the police claiming that he was uncooperative and disorderly. Gates said that it was all non-sense and it was a case of racial abuse. He also said that police continued to ask him questions even after he showed them his Harvard ID.

This is yet another case which highlights the strained relationship between the police and the black community. The police departments in various cities have been often accused of discrimination with blacks and charging them without a concrete reason.

Henry Gates demanded a personal apology from Sergeant Crowley.

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