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Charles Manson Bisexual & Getting Married?!?

Serial killer Charles Manson has confessed that he is not only bisexual but he's getting married. Per the latest interview with the notorious seventy nine year old published in Rolling Stone, Manson intends to wed 25 year old Star whom he describes as "She's not a woman! She's a star in the Milky Way!"

The man who has spent 44 years behind bars as one of the world's worst murderers in all time apparently has a take on life and effect on people much unlike any other human on the planet despite his failing health, aging condition, and proclivity for murder. From the Rolling Stone interview, it's safe to infer that as Manson waits for his time to end, his tether to reality (if he ever had one) seems to be loosened by the day. And he isn't at all what one would expect of a convicted serial killer sentenced to life without parole (which has been denied 12 times.)

As for his quality of living, Manson offered: "Cockroaches do more for life than I do. I do...nothing. What a life, man. One great big f**king piece of shit." And an admission that the marriage is just "for public consumption."

For all of the 7 page interview, purchase the Dec. 5 copy of Rolling Stone or go here

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