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Charlie Sheen Banned From Two and a Half Men Set in Burbank, California

Following a very public falling out between CBS and Warner Brothers, Charlie Sheen has been banned from the Burbank, California, set of Two And A Half Men. Studio sources have confirmed to Radar Online that the edict to disallow Sheen anywhere near the premises was issued Friday night. The source dished: "The top people in the studio's security department were all called together Friday night, and the word was pass to all the guards: Charlie Sheen is officially banned."

Sheen later vowed to show up at the studio on Monday morning but the source confirmed that the former Two And A Half Men star, as well as his driver and entourage, are "not allowed on the lot under any circumstances." Sheen's car is only allowed far enough into the gates to back up and leave as the studio will not even let his vehicle do a u-turn inside of the gates.

Sheen responded to this latest development with "Wow, that's kind of strange given [Warner Brothers Television] Peter Roth always said it was my show that kept the lights on. Doesn't matter too much because after Wednesday they'll have to rename Warner Brothers as Charlie's Brothers. I will fire those clowns and bring in my own team."

Sheen is reportedly seeking to file a lawsuit against his former employers for well over $320 million and has offered to drug testing to prove his sobriety via an exclusive deal with Radar Online. Sheen has starred as the lead of the hit CBS comedy since 2003.

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