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Charlie Sheen Dumped by Text From Goddess Bree Olson

Charlie Sheen has been dumped by text message by his "goddess" Bree Olson. Multiple media sources have confirmed that Sheen was on stage during a Fort Lauderdale Tornado of Truth performance on Saturday, April 23, 2011 when he declared Olson had ended the relationship. Sheen also offered to the audience that the bad news ending their relationship was delivered by a text message and that Olson is no longer a "goddess."

Rumors abound that Olson has been seeing a struggling actor from Los Angeles on the sly while living with Sheen and the other goddesses. A source spilled to PopEater: "Her [Olson] and Charlie obviously weren't exclusive. Bree has been having her fun outside of Charlie's mansion for a while now." Olson confirmed during a radio interview that she has "strong feelings" for someone and then dumped Sheen just days later.

In the meantime, Olson has returned to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and facing charges resulting from a February DUI arrest. After Olson takes care of the legalities, she intends to return to Los Angeles and perhaps live alone while pursuing an acting career.

As for Sheen, perhaps he'll have better luck with his next goddess though that's unlikely. If a woman dumps a man by text, it's safe to assume that the relationship was long over before it had even began.

Check back to see who Charlie Sheen will tap to be his next Goddess...

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