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Chelsea Handler Slams Angelina Jolie Again

Comedienne Chelsea Handler defended her recent slam of Angelina Jolie on her talk show following a Newark, NJ performance over the weekend. It seems that despite defining the need for "new material" (as Handler asserted on Chelsea Lately while defending her initial Angie slam,) she's done it again.

Handler sat down with Katie Couric for a Glamour magazine interview and quipped: "I'm not a fan. She [Angelina Jolie] doesn't come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman you'd really want to avoid." Handler backed her statements (for more go here ) during the interview with "I think it's important to be politically incorrect. You don't want to be nasty, and you don't want to be malicious. But it's okay - I mean, funny trumps everything in my mind."

Does Handler have a point?

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