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Cheryl Hines Files for Divorce From Paul Young

Many of you might be familiar with who Cheryl Hines is. Cheryl Hines is the charming character from HBO’s hit show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” who plays Larry David’s wife on the show. According to the news, and confirmed by E! Online, Cheryl Hines has filed for divorce from her husband, Producer-Manager, Paul Young.
The spokesperson for Cheryl Hines said that the actress filed the divorce papers in a Court in Los Angeles on July 20th 2010. The divorce will bring an end to an almost 8-year long marriage between Cheryl Hines and Paul Young. They have a 6 years old daughter by the name of Catherine Rose. After the divorce, Cheryl Hines and her husband are due to share custody of Catherine.
The spokesperson for Cheryl Hines also said that the couple plan to remain “close friends” after the divorce proceedings are over and done with. One wonders, how exactly they plan to pull of being “friends”. The reason for the divorce has not been disclosed to the public as of yet.
Cheryl Hines is an excellent actress frequently mistaken for being Larry David’s wife in real. As the once co-star is also going through a divorce himself, may be the stars have something in the making for the two of them.

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