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Chilean Miners Trapped for 4 Months Till Christmas 2010!

The great news is that 17 days after a cave-in, 33 Chilean Miners have been discovered to be alive in a deep shelter under the surface of the earth. The bad news is that the miners might have to remain in the ditch until Christmas that is 4 months from now. According to the experts, the coming times are going to be hell of a test for the miners, both mentally and physically.
With the possibility of a fresh cave-in, the miners need to remain strong and give each other hope in order to survive the ordeal. It is no small that the trapped miners kept themselves alive on a sip of milk, a morsel of tuna and a bite of crackers every day for 17 days until the rescue committee found them. The food reaching the trapped miners through a 15cm hole is going to leave them malnourished and the poor sanitation in the area is probably a very big health hazard.
According to a psychologist from the University of Chicago, if the trapped Chilean Miners are able to bond and work together, it might help them survive the disaster. The men are said to be trapped in a space that spans only 50 square meters or the size of an extremely small apartment.

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