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China Mine Victims Rescued

China mine victims have been rescued. Over 115 miners were pulled from a coal mine in Northern china in Beijing, following a tragic incident. Thirty eight people are still missing following a rush of underground water that wreaked havoc on March 28, 2010. Two hundred sixty one miners were at work at the Wangjialing mine when the incident occurred. One hundred eight miners were rescued in the moments directly following the flood. Others were suspended from their mining belts suspended to shaft walls for three days while waiting for rescue which came in the form of a floating mining cart. Still others are trapped deeper in the mine, signalling life through swaying lamps and waiting for rescue. Fifty rescue groups have formed, tirelessly draining water, monitoring for gas leaks, and assisting in rescue efforts.

Last year, in 2009, over 2,600 people were killed in China's mines. Officials in China began an investigation into the safety regulations within mines and other high risk industries.

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