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China Plane Crash Claims 42 Lives

With so many catastrophes attacking the planet left, right and center, today yet another one struck China. A Passenger plane, Henan Airlines, carrying 91 people, crashed in the northeast region of the country after it missed the runway that was shrouded in fog. According to the latest reports, 42 passengers have been confirmed to have died whilst 49 are critically injured.
The Henan Airlines burst into flames right after missing the runway and crashed in the Heilongjiang province's Yichun city, according to the local news agency. The Deputy Director of the Public Security department said that 42 bodies were covered from the debris and 49 people were rushed to the hospitals for emergency treatment.
The plane left Harbin around 9 pm and was due to land at the Lindu Airport. Instead of landing on schedule, the plane crashed due to severe fog and visibility problems.
The main injuries of the passengers who survived are reported to be burnt flesh, broken bones and undiagnosed injuries. Amongst the 91 passengers on board, 5 were children and 5 were crew members. It is not yet clear as to who has survived and who has not. The emergency rescue team is tending to the injured.

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