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China's Earthquakes Kill 400+, Injure 10,000

China's earthquakes kill 400+ and injure 10,000. An initial earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 with an epicenter located 235 miles south southeast of Golmun in Qinghai occurred at a depth of 6 miles. Minutes later, four more quakes shook the region measuring magnitudes of 5.3, 5.2, and 5.8 all by 9:25 a.m at the same depth as the initial quake. Qinghai, the remote Yushu county near Tibet's border, is a mountainous region with a population of 89,000 people. Despite attempts of residents and military assistance, the series of aftershocks have impeded rescue efforts.

Qinghai armed police corps captain, Xie Caishu, reported to the state press that over 600 rescuers from the paramilitary police are facing a secondary crisis twarting rescue attempts. Rescuers face a shortage of disaster relief gear and equipment. Xie stated: "The need of relief equipment far exceeds supply, including tents, temporary housing, mobile kitchens, power generators. We have reported it to higher levels, who guarantee that relief supplies will be airlifted to Yushu in hours."

The government of Qingai and the Red Cross are suppling tents, warm clothing, and blankets to the thousands of people facing homelessness in near freezing temperatures. Electricity, phone, and water services have been interrupted as a result of the quakes. Many people are still buried or trapped beneath fallen buildings after a wave of six earthquakes shattered homes, schools, and businesses. Army trucks have started to travel to the remote location in Qinhai to bring aid and searchers to assist in relief efforts.

Eighty five of the houses in Jiegu, near the epicenter of the quakes, have been rendered to rubble with the few remaining buildings cracked and severely damaged.

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