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Chinese Xu Yuyuan Stabs 28 Children

Chinese Xu Yuyuan stabs 28 children in Eastern China on Thursday, April 29, 2010. A kindergarten class consisting of 4 year olds fell victim of what experts claim was a "copycat rampage." Xu Yuyuan, a 47 year old unemployed man broke into a classroom at the Zhongxin Kindergarten locating in Jiansu province's Taixing city early Thursday morning. Yuyuan wielded an 8 inch knife as he stepped into the classroom. A security guard attempted to stop Yuyuan and was significantly injured. Yuyuan proceeded to slash the students in the class. Five students, two teachers, and one security guard were injured by Yuyuan. The students are in critical condition at a regional hospital.

This is the third such school stabbing in China in recent years. Wednesday a teacher from a Leizhou city, Guangdong province out of work on medical leave due to mental illness wounded 15 students and a teacher with a knife attack on the same day a man was executed for killing 8 children at a Chinese school a month previous.

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