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Chris Brown Apologizes to Rihanna

Chris Brown and his publicist are working on cleaning up his image. Every man deserves second chances and Chris Brown is one that definitely deserves a shot to better his career. He's a superbly talented singer who will probably bounce back once he regains some level of maturity.

Chris Brown

According to the Associated Press Chris Brown has apologized.

Chris Brown has publicly apologized for his beating of Rihanna (ree-AHN'-ah).
Brown released a two-minute video on his Web site on Monday apologizing to fans and saying he is sad and ashamed of his conduct.
He also says on the video that he has repeatedly apologized to Rihanna.
Brown was arrested Feb. 8 and later charged with assault likely to cause great bodily harm. He pleaded guilty to the assault charge last month and faces sentencing on Aug. 5.
He is slated to serve five years of probation and perform six months of community labor.
Brown says on the video he wanted to speak out earlier, but was advised not to by his lawyer.
The 20-year-old calls his actions "unacceptable."

It will be interesting to see how he makes his comeback, and this is the final word on his domestic violence. To often people tend to repeat their actions over and over again. But to really make a change and not repeat their mistakes this is the sign of those who are destined for success.

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