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Christa Pike Story

Dealing with death is hard enough without the internet haunting you. A victim of murderer Christa Pike finds it disturbing. I can relate and understand. I find myself scouring the web looking for information about a friend of mine who was murdered recently... The internet is not a quiet peaceful place to find peace when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Ms. Martinez I hope you find peace, hope, and forgiveness.

"Every couple of days, you can find May Martinez scouring the internet. It is part of her life.

"I do that just to see who puts stuff out there." Martinez is the mother of Colleen Slemmer, a 19-year-old Orange Park teenager, who was brutally murdered in 1995 in Tennessee.

Martinez's internet searches focus on her daughter's killer, Christa Pike, and if there is any new information out there on her.

There are hundreds of pages of information on the death row inmate. But in Martinez's latest search, she stumbled on a new page. "I found this yesterday, and it's a collage of pictures and it's called 'Christa Pike's story.'" via

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