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Christian Slater to Star in New Drama "Breaking In"

Christian Slater has been tapped to star as a Captain Kirk-esque character in a televised security firm drama entitled "Breaking In." Slater is set to portray the character of Oz, a security hacker, who's loosely based on the Star Trek's Starship Enterprise commander.

Slater, a huge Star Trek fan, scooped to WENN: "I would make suggestions for the character of Oz and they would incorporate things that made me very happy. Some of the things that I wanted to incorporate were very difficult and you would have to have approvals and trademark elements - Star Trek being the main thing. For me the idea of getting to sit in Captain Kirk's chair was a personal fantasy. In a way, I'm using this show as an opportunity to live out as many fantasies as I can possibly get away with on TV."

Slater also hopes that producers will sign on Christopher Walken as his father for the new drama. Breaking In also stars Austin Michael Coleman, Jareb Dauplaise, Brett Harrison, and Eddie Gold.

Breaking In will air on April 6, 2011.

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