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Christmas Tree in Abu Dhabi $11 Million Dollar Value

The "most expensive tree ever" with an $11 million dollar vale was erected in the Muslim desert within Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace Hotel. The 13 meter artificial tree is adorned with silver and gold bows, jewels, ornaments, and white lights.

Khalifa Khouri, jewelry vendor and owner of Style Gallery, reported the tree is covered in 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones precious stones. Hotel manager Hans Olbertz offered: "The tree itself is about $10,000 dollars. The jewelry has a value of over $11 million dollars - I think $11.4 [million], $11.5 [million]." Olbertz expects the tree will land in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Olbertz stated the hotel marketing team wanted "to do something different" this holiday season and also offered guests a 7 day, holiday package for $1 million dollars. Included in the package is a private butler, chauffeured Maybach, private jet, and other amenities.

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