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Chupacabra Sighted in Goodyear, Arizona (Video)

The mythical, blood thirsty Chupacabra was sighted in Goodyear, Arizona by eyewitness Darrin Jackson. Jackson was driving his children to school when he noticed a strange animal which looked like the "Chupacabras they have in Texas" per a statement to local news affiliate ABC 15 News. Jackson stated he first noticed the animal within a Goodyear park and initially, as Jackson offered the news team: "thought my eyes were playing tricks on me." Uncertain as to how to report the possible Chupacabra sighting, and afraid to call 911 because, in his words "they're gonna think I'm crazy," Jackson followed the animal and filmed video footage as it ran through the park, past Fry's grocery store parking lot, and escaped into a nearby sewer drain.

Jackson described the animal as "all gray, no hair on it at all, maybe just a little bit on the top, and it had this funny looking tail." Jackson further described the animal as looking "like an alien almost, so it's hard to forget that image because it's so weird looking and just to see it in broad daylight." It is uncertain if officials have verified the authenticity of Jackson's video though many experts, biologists, and wild management experts consider Chupacabras a contemporary legend. Sightings of the legendary cryptid were first reported during 1995 in Puerto Rico, and later Mexico, Latin American communities within the United States, and Chile. Lore has it that the animal drinks the blood of livestock, like goats, and resembles a small hairless dog or coyote with spines from the back of its neck to the base of its tail.

Many scientists disclaim the existence of the Chupacabra and believe the animals eyewitnesses report as the legendary beasts are just parasite ridden coyotes.

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