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City of Boulder Posts Marijuana Map on Website

The City of Boulder accidentally posted a map on its official website at, revealing the locations of over 60 warehouses and buildings where medical marijuana is grown, stored, or sold. Officials from the city stated an "oversight" due to an agenda briefing led to the pot post on the city's website on Deccember 29, 2010. This disclosure of the 60 locations known as cultivation centers, 45 dispensaries, and 12 product manufacturing sites that had applied for a medical marijuana license from the city.

The information regarding the marijuana is cultivated, stored, or sold is prohibited to be publicized by Colorado state laws due to fears that the growing operations would be a targets of theft and robberies. Boulder's senior assistant city attorney, Kathy Haddock, stated on Thursday that despite the city's open policies, the map should not have been published. Haddock reported during an interview with Boulder's Daily Camera: "The state law requires the city, and all governments, to keep the grow locations confidential. It's something we should have pulled out." Haddock also maintained that the map would immediately be removed from the City's website.

The city will most likely not face penalties for the gaffe. The city intends to follow up with legislature set up for licensing of medical marijuana businesses to waive their right to privacy.

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