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Cocaine Shocker: Zac Efron Still Hooked After 2 Rehab Trips

Twenty five year old High School Musical alum Zac Efron has startled the world. Per exclusive reports at TMZ, the actor's shocking cocaine habit has caused two trips to rehab this year alone. The tab reports that insiders dished the details of Efron's harrowing two year addiction to cocaine and molly which not only interfered with his relationships but caused on-set problems with filming of Seth Rogan's Neighbors. Per the source, he apparently sought intensive outpatient help from professionals during March and then failed to show up to work in April because of his drug abuse. When filming ceased, Efron reentered a treatment program again through an outpatient facility.

Speculation abounds from TMZ's source that a troubled relationship with his parents, difficulty landing post High School Musical acting gigs, bad environments including friends who use drugs, and "girl issues" have contributed to Zac's substance abuse problem.

So far the kid has cleaned out his friends and attempted to put his life back together. Though relapse is possible, an inpatient program may perhaps be in his best interest!

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