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College Students Increasingly Turn to Online Classes

As the world economic systems try to recover, there is one economic force that continues to bear its head mightily. That is the Internet.

The Internet has created chaos and uncertainty among traditional publishing companies. Newspapers are closing or moving to an online only format with less overhead. Take note: ground-shifting events like this don't happen very often.

Here's another example of the Internet's effects: There are a number of way the Internet is making an impact on the world economy. For example, the Internet is responsible for the flow of billions of dollars each year out of the US and Western nations and into the hands of low-wage workers in countries like India and the Philippines. This fact is not trivial and its implications are not appreciated.

Though these two issues are worth paying attention to, they pale in comparison to the coming sea-change in higher education. For centuries, colleges and universities have been conducted in real physical space on campuses, but that is all changing. More and more students are opting for the conveniences of an online education from schools like ITT Tech where you don't ever have to leave your home to get your degree. Why is this such a big deal? For starters, college is the foundation of our wealth and success as a country. By changing the way we do college education, are we playing with something that shouldn't be messed with?

Regardless, the change is happening. Each year, the number of students choosing online classes goes up while the number of students choosing traditional colleges is plateauing and in some cases declining. There is no denying the obvious. Within our lifetimes, most students will be earning their degrees online whether we think it's a good thing or a bad thing.

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