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Collin College Shooter Killed Today

 The Collin College in Mckinney, Texas, reported that there was a shooter on the loose and shots were being fired in the near vicinity of the Central Park campus. Afterwards, the Collin College campus was locked down to hunt the shooter and make sure the students were safe. No faculty member or student has been injured in the shooting. Initially it was unclear when the lock down was going to be lifted but eventually when the news of the death of the shooter came around, the campus was reopened.

Apparently, the shooter parked his car next to the Police Department Office which is extremely close to the Collin College Campus. The Police Department office was the venue of the shooting.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the shooter parked a pickup in front of the Police Department Office and set the vehicle on fire. Afterwards, he started screaming pointing at the building of the Police Department and opened fire. It remains unclear whether the shooter inflicted a gunshot on him or he was killed with a shot from the police.

The motive of the shooter remains undisclosed. No Police officials have suffered any injuries. The shooter, however, has been pronounced dead.

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