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Colorado Math Teacher Thwarts Gunman's Attack on Middle School

David Benke, a math teacher in Littleton, Colorado, bravely thwarted a gunman's attack on a middle school. As Benke walked through the Deer Creek Middle School's parking lot, he grabbed Bruco Eastwood as he was shooting students exiting the building.

Benke, a 6 ft 5 in. former basketball player, then tackled Eastwood and dragged him to the ground. When addressing questions regarding his bravery, with assistance from one other teacher, Benke said: "Unfortunately he got another round off before I could grab him. He figured out that he wasn't going to be able to get another round chambered before I got to him so he dropped the gun and then we were kind of struggling around trying to get him subdued. I basically have my arms and legs wrapped around him, (the other teacher) has his forearm around his front and we were basically trying to get the guy to quit struggling."

Only two students were injured because of Benke's heroic intervention. Deer Creek Middle school is just miles from Columbine, the scene of the nation's worst school shooting incident in history. The Colombine shooting occurred in 1999 and left 19 dead with others wounded.

Ted Mink, a Jefforson County Sheriff, commended Benke and said: "Believe me when I say, I think he stopped what could have been a more tragic event."

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