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Colorado Snow Triggers Avalache Warnings

The National Weather Service has issued a dire warning for parts of Colorado following a massive snow storm system which dropped nearly 6 feet of snow in regions near Gothic. The NWS has issued an avalanche warning within sections of Colorado, from Grand Mesa to the Elk and West Elk Mountains, areas near Crested Butte, and the region of Steamboat Springs. These areas have also received record amounts of snowfall.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) also warned the snowfall has rendered the most dangerous avalanche conditions, with the potential avalanche threat level rendered "extreme," for the first time in the state's history. The CAIC has warned skiers to not take the slopes, despite perhaps observing others skiing and riding in the snow. Scott Toepher of the CAIC stated to CBS Denver: "We could really see some big avalanches that we haven't seen in 50, maybe even 100 years if this kind of snow comes in like they say."

The avalanche warning extends until Friday morning with the threat expected to last well beyond then if more storms hit.

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