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Conjoined Twins Born in Indonesia

The story of these two conjoined twins is an amazing one. They share the same body and all their systems. Often these stories are tragic after separation, but in this story the two boys are cojoined and inseparable. It's truly a rare and often sad story.

"An Indonesian mother has given birth to conjoined twins who share the same body and all their vital parts -- except their heart and their heads.

The boys were delivered in the Riau province via cesarean section Thursday. They were taken to another hospital, where they were in critical condition over the weekend.

"This is final. They can't be separated," said Tubagus Odih, a child surgeon at Arifin Achmad Hospital where the boys are recovering.

The boys, who have not yet been named, have two heads, a pair of lungs, two arms and two hearts. They weighed 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms)" ~ via CNN

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