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Country Legend Randy Travis in Critical Condition Due to Viral Cardiomyopathy

Country legend Randy Travis has been hospitalized in Texas and is in critical condition due to cardiac myopathy. His publicist and spokesman Kirt Webster confirmed the fifty four year old's health status with an official written statement on Monday, July 8, 2013 which offered Travis had "recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy" and had been well until "then on Sunday, it hit him."

The singer's condition can be caused by some 30 known viruses which attack the cardiac muscle and affect its beat. The condition can be severely disabling or even fatal without proper treatment. Travis' sister-in-law, Teresa Traywick, confirmed the singer had undergone heart surgery on July 9 in an attempt to assist in improving his health though offered little in terms of a prognosis. She offered: "We have been told he has had surgery. Our prayers are going out to him because my husband just had a heart attack last year, so it is in their family. Their mother passed away at an early age with her heart, so it is like these boys are following right in their footsteps. My prayers are with them. That's all I can say right now."

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