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CR Johnson Ski Legend Died Today

CR Johnson, ski legend, died today. Johnson passed away as a result of a horrible skiing accident at Squaw Valley, CA. The skiier was on Light Towers (a section of Headwall), trying to "drop" a cliff. Johnson was wearing a helmet but ended up tumbling down the cliff face head first after he was "caught up on protruding rocks." JT Holms, a close friend of Johnson's witness the tragedy, as well as local Squaw Ski Patroller, Jim Roger. Placer County Officials believe that Johnson died due to head trauma.

Tahoe locals had the utmost fondness for CR Johnson. As the news makes headlines, many have come forward saying Johnson was "not only a great skier but also a great person."

Johnson competed in Winter X Games and was a professional skier. This was not Johnson's first life threatening crash. He suffered a major head trauma after a crash with Kye Peterson, a fellow skier, at Brighton Resort, Utah. Johnson was left in a coma due following the crash. Johnson eventually woke up and and worked through relearning simple things, like chewing and swallowing, and returned to his greatest passion: skiing.

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