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Crispy Cones Featured on the Colbert Report

Some ideas are just over the top. The Colbert Report often highlights these ideas in a way that gets all of us here at the Brainz Crew to laugh. Last night was no exception. At Brainz HQ Stephen Colbert was hilarious as usual, but he brought to light a product that would be perfect for the snack bin here in the office.

Crispy Cones are portion sized meals in a cone. No its not Ice Cream, its food in cones.

crispy cones

"Our motto is "The food you love in a cone" because our savory cones taste great when filled with any type of food, hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch or dinner and anytime in between. They're incredibly versatile, delicious with fillings from eggs to salads, pizza to deli, stir fry to carnitas, BBQ, stews and even dessert. Any food that's ever been eaten between two slices of bread, in a wrap or on top of pizza can now be enjoyed drip free, anywhere, anytime and on the go with Crispycones.

Crispycones make portion control simple and consistent with delicious cones that range from snack to meal size and are perfect for all day parts. "

Source: Crispy Cones

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