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Crystal Harris: Hugh Hefner's Only Squeeze

Crystal Harris is Hugh Hefner's only squeeze. The Playboy founder and media mogul said of Crystal in a recent interview "She's a keeper." Harris and Hef hit the scene as an item after Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquart left the Playboy Mansion and took the best part of "The Girls Next Door" with them. A new season of the show revealed twins Krystal and Kristen Shannon (who split with Hef in Jan. 2010) and present love interest Crystal Harris.
Despite rumors of being a Playboy himself, Hef maintains a firm belief in monogamy and commitment when a relationship requires both from him, though he's notorious for dating multiple women at a time. Hef does value fidelity though as he stated in an interview: "I was married for eight years and was faithful to that marriage throughout the entire eight years. I think if you make a commitment, you keep the commitment." The nearly 84 year old went on to mention that he has lost track of the number of women he has bedded, perhaps less because of age and more because of volume, saying he "stopped counting a long time ago...I've never thought in terms of quantity, but more in terms of quality."

Despite Hefner's age of eighty three years, he's still able to perform at top capacity in an out of the bedroom. Notoriously a workaholic, and as Hefner faces his eighty fourth birthday, Hef insists that he's going to party like a man a quarter of his age, Las Vegas style. Hefner was quoted, in an interview with "Connect the World," as saying "I will definitely not be celibate-I will be celebrating!" Hef maintains that he will start the days long festivities in California and end up at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the company of his "girlfriends." Perhaps while in Nevada, Hef will hook up with former lover, Holly Madison, at one of her Planet Hollywood "Peepshows."

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