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CSI Actor Gerald McCulloch Involved in Real Life Crime

Gerald McCulloch, who has played the role of Bobby Dawson on CSI, has survived an attack from a knife-wielding, would-be mugger in New York. McCulloch had just gotten into town from Los Angeles and was riding the A train at approximately 2 a.m.

The actor was using his laptop when the train pulled into the Utica Blvd. station. As the doors opened, someone reached out for the laptop, presumably to grab it and then leave the train quickly. McCulloch responded by giving the person a body shot to the chest area.

The mugger then pulled a knife out of a black bag and went on the attack. The knife didn't penetrate through McCulloch's leather jacket. McCulloch jumped to his feet, yelling and punching his attacker. Other passengers alerted the train's conductor to the situation, and police were called.

James Torres, age 39, who is 6'3" tall and weighs 240 lbs, has been charged with robbery, menacing, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.

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