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Cyclone Yasi, Category 5 Storm, Slams Australia

Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 storm, slams Australia. The storm made land on the coast near Mission Beach between Innisfail and Cardwell, 1500km north of Brisbane at approximately midnight on February 3, 2011. Authorities evacuated 75,000 residents and scrambled to rescue those in the wake of tsunami like storm surges in areas declared a danger zone, extending from Cairn and Port Douglas to the town of Bowen.

The storm has displaced thousands, left tens of thousands without electricity, and caused many residents to seek emergency shelter. The storm had record breaking 285 km/h winds and left destruction in its wake.

Disaster coordinator Ian Stewart reported to The Australian that residents "have been told to go to the second floor and...bunker down. There is going to be a storm surge up to the first storey and they are on the second storey."

Yasi is the first tropical cyclone to affect Australia since 1918.

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