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Danielle Steel: Modern Jane Austen

Danielle Steel is perhaps a modern Jane Austen. Both women are known for their romantic and formulaic writing style. The similarities in their works are astounding but in relationships, their differences are vast.

Steel authored over 111 novels in various genres. Steel has written poetry, novels, and non fiction for adults, children, and especially, women. Steel has had numerous failed marriages and is rather eccentric. Steel owns unusual houses including a 55-room mansion in San Francisco that boasts a formal ballroom and antique filled library, a Paris apartment filled with taxidermy completed by a stuffed giraffe to greet visitors in the foyer, and a 3,000 square foot beach house in Californina.

Steel most considers the beach front home, as a testimony to her passion for her children, writing and former husbands. The sign on the entryway to Steel's beachfront home reads: "Coup de Coeur," French for: "a blow to the heart."

In an interview, Steel admitted that "I believe in love at first sight for houses—but not for people."
The 62 year old mother of nine children has retired her quest for a husband. She stated: "My relationships were never equitable. My husbands were always older than me, and they made the rules, they ran the show, and I followed them. Five years ago I was still willing to throw my whole life out the window—to change my whole life for someone. Now I want a voice in it."

Steel has two books set for release this year. One is "Big Girl" in stores February 23rd and the other is "Family Ties," in stores June 22.

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