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Darth Vader Holds Up Long Island Bank

Darth Vader holds up Long Island Bank on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  A man adorned in a Darth Vader mask and a black cape,  walked into the Setauket bank and demanded cash.  A customer thought it was a joke, not a robbery and laughingly ribbed the "Darth Robber" per Suffolk County Police Detective Sargent William Lamb.  Another customer attempted to thwart the robbery and ended up engaging in a "shoving match" before the "Darth Robber" ordered to him to the floor weilding a pistol rather than a trademark lightsaber.

Surveillence video shows the "Darth Robber" demanding cash from a teller, loading bills into a bag, and the customer involved in the shoving spread on the floor.  The robbery ended with Darth walking out of the bank on foot. 

The bank has yet to declare the amount of money the "Darth Robber" walked away with.  Police are still investigating the incident.

John Lauinger of the NY Daily News said it best: "A lot of robbers use force.  This one used The Force."

For more: NY Daily News 

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