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Danyl Johnson Youtube Video

Daryl Johnson's performance of A little help from my friends on X Factor is blowing up on Youtube. The video is received almost a million views at the time of this writing and will probably exceed 2-3 million over the next few weeks.

The performance is pretty amazing and I expect this guy to get signed to a huge record deal and sell a few albumts.

"The video of Danyl Johnson performing the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends" on the British talent show "The X Factor" has gone viral. On Monday, the official clip on YouTube had registered about 600,000 views since the weekend. Twenty-four hours later, the count had doubled to almost 1.2 million.

On Saturday night's airing, judge Simon Cowell called Johnson's soulful cover "the best first audition I have ever heard." Johnson quickly shot to frontrunner status, raising questions about whether he'd become the next incarnation of Scottish chanteuse Susan Boyle, albeit one in cargo shorts who prefers classic rock to "Les Misérables." " via MTV

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