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Daughter of Gci Executive, Corey Tindall, Dies in Alaskan Plane Crash

With the news that there are 4 out of 9 survivors of the plane that crashed in Alaska on Monday, families of the passengers have been praying for the safety and life of their loved ones. It is will extreme grief that the Anchorage Daily News reported that death of the longest serving Senator, Ted Stevens, in the plane crash yesterday.
Today, it has been announced that the plane crash claimed the lives of Dana Tindall, a GCI Executive, and her daughter, Corey Tindall.
Corey Tindall was traveling with her mother on that fateful flight. Corey Tindall was 16 years old. Corey and Dana Tindall have left behind a father/husband and a brother/son. GCI confirmed the news and prayed for the soul of their Senior Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Affairs and her young daughter. The speech delivered by the President of GCI was heart wrenchingly painful.
Previous NASA Chief Sean O’Keefe was also on the plane that crashed in Alaska and no news of his has yet been made public. Due to bad weather and tough terrain, the rescue efforts took a lot of time and authorities still have not disclosed the full list of passengers on the plane; they were 9 in total.

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