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David and Victoria Beckham Save by Cutting Back Staff

Famous celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham has removed 14 of their 50 employees when an accountant warned: "You're pouring money down the drain," the Sun newspaper reported on Friday.
The former Spice Girl and current fashion designer Victoria called in a money expert to overhaul their finances because she feared the high-spending lifestyle was inappropriate at a time when ordinary people are tightening their belts, the tabloid said.
The money expert proposed sizable cuts at their main home in Hertfordshire, England, while six out of seven gardeners have been laid off at their huge estate in Bargemon in the south of France, says.
The glamorous couple and kids have a massive staff, which includes personal assistants, chefs, cleaners, gardeners, builders, nannies, and property agents.
The Beckhams spend most of their time in California, where David plays for Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

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