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David Arquette Is Going to Be a Dad Again

Actor David Arquette is going to be a dad again! The former husband of Friends star Courtney Cox and father to their nine year old Coco has yet to officially confirm that his girlfriend, Christina McLarty, is having his baby.

But multiple sources and one Howard Stern interview slip suggest otherwise.

Despite falling off the wagon, the two year relationship between Arquette and McLarty is going strong enough to make his rambling and sideways announcement of the baby news. He offered: "I once saw myself being such an a**hole to paparazzi while my first child was born...listen, while my first child was born it occurred to me I wasn't being an a**hole to the paparazzi, I was being an a**hole to the camer. The camera is the people, the collective, and that's what's important." Stern pushed Arquette with "What do you mean your first child was born? How many children do you have?"

Arquette recovered with: "Coco. Oh boy. Yeah."

And Stern pushed further with: "You just said when your first child was born."

Arquette went on to insist upon only having his daughter. But sources claim the former wife of Joe Francis and current entertainment news correspondent is four months along with Arquette's baby. Representatives for each have declined comment and were unavailable for questions. His family and friends are significantly concerned about his lack of sobriety. An unidentified insider offered to RadarOnline: "There's been major chatter among his team about an intervention for David. Not only is he drinking a ton, but he's being careless about his reputation. Bragging about being drunk, going out in public and doing silly things. His team is genuinely concerned and plans to take serious action."

Lets hope it's before the baby is born...

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