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David Cook, Adam Lambert Missing From American Idol Finale

When the past American Idol winners and finalists took to the stage for last night's finale, David Cook and Adam Lambert were missing. What happened with Cook and Lambert, and why weren't they able to join the Idol finale reunion of "Together We Are One"?

David Cook was unable to attend the American Idol finale because he was at a charity event in Kansas City, according to his reps.

David did tweet a message for newly crowned winner Lee Dewyze, congratulating him and apologizing for not being at the finale.

Adam Lambert reportedly was absent from the Idol lineup because he was put on vocal rest.

Lambert cleared the air on Twitter, confirming the vocal rest, but also saying, "All i ever heard was: 'you’ve not been asked to perform on finale.Would you like to sit in the audience?' Me:sorry-Too much work to do today.”

Source: TV Crunch

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