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Day-Old Octuplets Breathing on Their Own

One day after being born in California, a set of octuplets is breathing on their own. The six boys and two girls are said to be doing well, despite being born nine weeks early. The babies are only the second set of octuplets to survive birth in the United States.

The birth, by Cesarean section, was attended by a 46-person team of medical personnel. The mother's name is being withheld by the hospital at her request, and she has said that she plans to breastfeed all of her babies. The medical team was surprised that the woman gave birth to eight babies; only seven appeared on ultrasound scans before delivery.

She hasn't been able to hold the babies yet, since they are all presently in incubators. Hospital officials have not said whether the woman had been undergoing fertility treatments, which increase the likelihood of a multiple birth.

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