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Demi Lovato Tweets Sexy Pictures From Rehab (Photos)

Demi Lovato, Disney actress and Joe Jonas ex, has been in rehab for "personal problems" since last month and it seems some sexy pictures have been leaked despite her treatment lockdown. A series of racy photos of the Disney tart were Tweeted. The pics depict a bra clad Lovato, a group of backup dancer, and some highly "suggestive" poses.

To add an interesting layer of intrigue to the leaked Lovato photos, the teenager with her eyes cast at Lovato's décolletage has been identified as Alex Welch. Welch has pressed charges against Lovato for an alleged altercation on a flight from Peru to the States. According to Welch's allegations, Lovato slugged Welch in the face and left Welch with a black eye and bruised cheekbone.

Though there's no official word on who leaked the Lovato photos, we've got a hunch.

To see more of Lovato's provocative pictures, go here.

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