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'Demi Moore Bush Picture' Becomes Top Search Item on Internet

Demi Moore Bush picture mysteriously became the top search item on the Web the last two days. One might first believe that a “Demi Moore Bush picture” involved Demi Moore meeting with President Bush. In this case, the meaning turned out to be more vulgar.

Comedy Central's new show “Tosh.0” involves comedian Daniel Tosh searching the internet for awkward and notable items that internet users can find and enjoy. In the show’s second episode this Thursday, Tosh sent his viewers on a Google search for the term "Demi Moore George Bush."

Tosh then suggested that viewers take "George" out of the search phrase and see what happens. Many people did , turning "Demi Moore Bush" into the hot search item on Google.

When searching for the term, the first result is a webpage called "Downtown Alleys" with an article called "Demi Moore has a huge bush." The picture was posted in 2005, and is a vintage nude picture of Moore from the 1980's with full frontal exposure.

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