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Demi Moore Seeks Astrological & Spiritual Guidance to Weather Ashton Kutcher Divorce

The thrice married actress Demi Moore has turned to an unlikely source of inspiration to pull her through her divorce with her fifteen years younger, "Two and a Half Men" star, and soon to be ex: Ashton Kutcher. The fifty year old now seeks astrological and spiritual guidance from an astrologer to shed "bad karma" from her marriage as well as "map future plans."

An insider scooped to Page Six: "Demi's been getting spiritual instruction" from Paddi Moore, a Mexican astrologer whose specialty is spiritual sciences and metaphysics. The source furthered the fifty year old actress is getting help to "clear the negative energy out of her life" and has focused "on strengthening her interpersonal relationships and trying to cleanse her karma of all the nastiness of the past."

A new, long haired Australian boyfriend also helps as Moore and Kutcher wage divorce war over financial assets. Moore has been romantically linked to Will Hannigan (a.k.a. Simranjeet Singh), the Perth pearl diver, adventurer, and fellow yoga classs mate with a eccentricity unlike much of Hollywood. Star Magazine reports that Will quipped "[Demi's] an amazing woman. We know each other through yoga, and we've become close."

Chances are the hot hook ups in saunas after yoga sessions between Moore and Hannigan will not help settle the already difficult divorce. Proceedings have reached a stalemate over the settlement of A-Grade, the venture capital fund Kutcher invested in during the marriage which has earned a whopping $100 million dollars. Moore has asked for $18 million and half of Kutcher's 20 percent A-Grade investment.

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