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Demi Moore's $311,000 Plastic Surgery Expenditure

Demi Moore, one of the most beautiful nearly 50 year olds on the planet, apparently dished out $311,000 dollars on cosmetic surgeries. Though Moore has never confirmed the full body overhaul, insiders scooped that the actress, mom of three, and wife of Ashton Kutcher, went to extreme measures to hone, lift, and alter her fabulous form.

Moore's full body overhaul included:
-$25,000 dollars worth of liposuction
-$15,000 dollars worth of breast implants
-$31,000 dollars on "facial work"
-$3,000 dollars per session of Thermage skin tightening treatments
-an undisclosed figure to lift the saggy skin above her knees

Moore's overhaul was much more discreet than her blond, plastic filled counterpart Heidi Montag but none the less a little frightening. In another 50 years, Moore's going to look ridiculous with perky breasts and smooth skin.

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