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Diana Demayo Dead, Victim of Millionare Boyfriend

Diana Demayo is dead. She fell victim to her millionare boyfriend, Peter Dabish who turned himself into Detroit Police on Wednesday. Dabish allegedly surrendered at his lawyer's office after beating and killing Demayo at his apartment in the Fort Shelby Tower. Dabish attacked Demayo on March 11 while the pair were moving Dabish's belongings into a downtown Detroit apartment. Demayo suffered multiple blunt force traumas to her head and was barely living when her body was found. Demayo was later transported to a hospital and pronounced brain dead. Life support kept Demayo alive until her father, Edward Demayo made the decision to end his daughter's life, one week after the incident. Dabish apparently harassed the Demayo's family with obscene phone calls while she was on life support, at one point asking when Demayo's funeral was while she was hospitalized and barely clinging to life.

Dabish managed to evade authorities for weeks following the beating death of his 23 year old girlfriend. The case against Dabish is mounting though the only witness was Demayo's beloved pet, a dog she adopted during her first year as a student at Miami University. Demayo's dog was found covered in blood by Dabish's mother who dropped the dog at the Orchard Lake Pet Resort in Southfield. The dog had a "brown, sticky substance" along its back and down its hind legs, per Natalie Gordanier, Lake Pet Resort manager. Gordanier also reported that the animal "Just seemed really scared. [The] dog was very sweet and obviously was upset itself for what happened." Demayo's friend eventually recognized the dog and it was returned to Demayo's mother.

Dabish will be arraigned at 1 p.m. Thursday for the first degree murder of Demayo.

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