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Diane Schuler Had 10 Drinks and Smoked Marijuana Before Taconic Crash

Diane Schuler consumed about 10 alcoholic drinks and smoked marijuana before she drove the wrong way down the Taconic State Parkway last week, killing eight people, including four children, authorities said Tuesday.

Schuler, 36, of West Babylon, had a 0.19 blood-alcohol content level and significant levels of THC, in her system, authorities said.

Police are not sure if she drank and ingested marijuana while driving or stopped along the way.

The collision killed Schuler, 36, and her 2-year-old daughter, Erin; her three Floral Park nieces, Emma Hance, 8, Alyson Hance, 7, and Kate Hance, 5; and three Yonkers men in the SUV, Guy Bastardi, 49, and his father, Michael Bastardi, 81, and their friend, Daniel Longo, 74.

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