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Director of 'Twilight: Eclipse' to Direct 'Wolverine' Sequel

According to sources, 20th Century Fox's upcoming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” sequel has a shortlist of directors down to two – “Twilight: Eclipse: director David Slade, and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” director Robert Schwentke.

Both directors have been vetted and approved by the project's execs. It is now down to Hugh Jackman to decide who will direct after he sits down with the men next week.
But reports that a "well-placed source" inside the production studio is saying "It's going to be Slade."

Although fans of the mutant film might be disappointed, the positive side must be taken into consideration: “Eclipse” was easily the best directed and most action-packed of the three vampire series which appealed to a broader and more male audience than the previous two films.

The sequel of Wolverine will begin in Japan where the previous Origins movie left off, with Logan pursuing a "forbidden romance" with a Japanese woman betrothed to another man. When Logan persists, he is forced to do a battle with her ferocious father and samurai brothers, and other mutant elements might be added in the plot.

The film will be scripted by Christopher McQuarrie.

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