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Dita Von Teese Sues Landlord for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Rant

Dita Von Teese has filed a lawsuit against a former landlord she accuses of an anti-Semitic tirade, says.

The American-born of Armenian heritage accused Lallubhai Patel of launching hate-tainted tirades after she said she was moving out and tried to get her $5,000 security deposit back.

Von Teese, 37, alleged in a suit filed on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court that when her managers tried to have her security deposit returned, the former landlord "went on Mel Gibson-like anti-Semitic tangents, personally attacking Plaintiff's Jewish managers and business managers," she said.

The Burlesque dancer and actress contacted her lawyers when the landlord ignored her requests about repairs to the property.

The site says that landlord Patel also wrote Von Teese a note warning her to "be aware of Jews. In your business no one can do anything without them. Just a reminder to be cautious. Jews they have shucks [sic] the whole world and still more to come.”

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