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Dog Bites on Rise in NYC, Surprisingly Minature Dogs at Blame

A record number of dog bites were reported in New York City in 2010 and as the incidence of dog bites increase, surprisingly miniature dogs are at blame. The Health Department published reports in the New York Post that over 3,609 dog bites were reported in 2010 - the highest number of dog bites recorded yet. Pit bulls lead the pack in terms of breeds which bite most frequently, with 815 pit bull bites reported last year. Rottweilers, Shih Tzus, Chihauhuas, and Standard Poodles were amongst the type five dog breeds to bite humans last year.

NYC officials blame "poor little rich dog" syndrome for the number of small dog attacks on humans as small dogs are frequently toted around as their owners shop or run errands. Dr. E'Lise Christensen, veterinary behaviorist at NYC Veterinary Specialists offered the Post: "People take their small dogs to department stores and all the sales people touch them. Owners get bitten, and stranger aggression is really a problem in dogs." Christensen believes that as "most people don't take their Labradors to Bloomingdale's" the incidence of dog bites by miniature or toy breeds have significantly risen.

Many dog experts agree that size may be a significant factor regarding dog bites but all canines, despite their size, act upon instinct.

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